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Our Forest School sessions have been so well received by schools, parents and children that we are now growing our service which means that your school now has the chance to offer the myriad benefits of Forest School without having to release staff for training, the costs involved in doing so and the risk of them leaving and taking that qualification with them.
If your Forest School area is ready to go then we are too with deliberately inclusive, engaging, thought provoking sessions specifically designed to boost confidence, self-esteem, resilience and mindfulness in children, passionately delivered by our Forest School Lead Mr Rogers (known to most children as Mr Mud, Mr Whittler, Mr Forest School or simply, Alex). Alex is also a mindfulness mentor who teaches children techniques to cope with emotions such as anger, anxiety, stress and fear, and his learner led, experiential learning sessions in the natural environment celebrate mistakes and teach young learners that there’s often more value in the journey than the outcome.

“What a start to our Forest School sessions!

The children have loved every minute of their experience and have developed new skills each week…”

“My 6 year old daughter came home really excited after the forest school session, she was absolutely buzzing and telling me about the wonderful activities she had taken part in! Lighting a fire, cooking on the fire, building a waterproof den, whittling a magic wand and little gnome/fairy and much more. She especially said the leaders were really fun and kind, and she felt so happy being there.”

“…our Forest School leader Alex Rogers has been magnificent!

He is knowledgeable, engaging, fun, interesting and absolutely brilliant with our Y5/6 children.

The children have learned so much…

Most importantly they learned to do it safely and they have had sooooooo much fun doing it!…”

No Forest School? No Problem!

Even if your school grounds have no existing Forest School area or it is neglected and overgrown we can still deliver the benefits of the Forest School ethos, in most cases whilst developing an area with the children by planting and constructing based on plans they are involved in, benefiting them by helping them understand about working towards a shared goal, a legacy, and the kindness of building or planting something for others to enjoy, nature, life-cycles and so much more. We can also assist with securing free trees to plant to improve biodiversity of the school grounds, and to enrich the lives of children who use the area.

Forest School and SEN

Forest School is a multi-sensory environment and can help improve concentration and the motivation to learn. Forest School sessions can help children with learning disabilities or additional needs to gain more independence and self-confidence, reduce anxiety, build resilience, and improve their communication skills.


Our Forest School Service is flexible to suit your timetable. You can book a full day for multiple sessions, or single session half days and we can include lunch clubs for leadership development, an eco-club, or behaviour interventions.

Get in touch to discuss what options are available and to start your Forest School journey.