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We provide exciting and engaging holiday clubs in Summer, October, February, Easter, and May half terms at venues around Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire and further afield. Find your closest holiday club and let your young adventurer go wild!

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What is Forest School?

At its essence, Forest School is an educational philosophy and pedagogy that places great importance on play while fostering creativity and curiosity. It prioritises the holistic development of children over the traditional school curriculum. This approach involves regular visits to forests, woodlands, and other natural environments to build familiarity, community, and care for the planet. The Forest School concept originated from the progressive, communal forest cultures of Scandinavia and northern Europe, and in the past twenty years, these ideas have taken root in the UK and around the world.

What goes on at Green Planet Forest School Sessions

Our sessions, whether during school time, at an afterschool club, or during full days at holiday clubs, always prioritise child-led activities. This approach empowers children to direct their own learning in enjoyable ways, allowing them to discover their passions, explore their interests, and play in a manner that suits them, rather than following prescribed activities. We believe this fosters independence and helps them quickly develop skills such as confidence, resilience, perseverance, and communication. Learn more about the value of free play and its benefits for child development here.

The Green Planet team prepares for sessions by setting up various stations and activities such as whittling, fire lighting, campfire cooking, shelter building, crafting, tree climbing, and construction using tools. We support children in whichever activity they choose to explore. To fully appreciate the range of fun activities available and their benefits for child development, please refer to this detailed list. All activities take place in a woodland area, providing access to nature, which itself is a great educator and an amazing place to play.

The Green Planet Forest School team welcomes children from any primary school, with any level of ability. Children with SEN needs are not only welcome but often excel in this environment. If you are unsure about booking your child, please read our excellent reviews on Trustpilot or contact us directly for a chat.

For information on recommended clothing for Forest School sessions, read this detailed blog post.

For more information, read our Forest School FAQ.